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Benjamin Lvovsky

Benjamin Lvovsky

Position: Solution Architect, ADP Australia
Education: MIT, MBA, MISM
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In over 20 years in IT Industry positions of progressively more responsibility, Ben went through low level programming to Sun certified Enterprise Architect Master, hard core coding to IT Architecture, various IT technologies, business roles and ventures.

Ben diversified his IT knowledge earning MBA and MISM from Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia). For years he was doing consulting in various firms and collected real life knowledge, cases and solutions from small companies to large enterprises. Ben's view at contemporary IT Industry challenges is remarkable by its holistic and still detailed approach.

Guerrilla IT Architecture is his latest challenge to combine together different aspects of IT Industry, which so far are considered as detached elements. Ben’s ideas come from his diversified knowledge and experience across different subjects and technologies, academic knowledge and “street smarts” at IT battlefields.

Like brain indivisibly consists of left and right hemisphere, each doing its very specific job, Ben looks at IT solutions from a holistic perspective melding Solution Architecture with Team Dynamics and Business Strategy in an inseparable unit, proposing a new role to be performed by one well diversified person. He sees this role to require intense IT Architecture, understanding of team dynamics, business analysis, organisational structure, business strategy and challenges they present. And after all, this role is not seen as a high level detached managerial role, but rather very technical, some kind of IT Architect role, which he called Guerrilla IT Architect.

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