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Time for students!

It’s extremely important to share your music learning’s with others. It can be in a form of just playing in front of the parents and friends at home or at the concerts in front of the school or at the regular concerts that I organise with my students.
Most of the children love playing in front of the audience, most of them get nervous, but they enjoy their performances and learn how to control their emotions. I encourage students to have a healthy criticism and don’t use the big words like bad or great. There is always something good about students playing (even if they think it ‘was really bad’) and something that they could improve on.
We talk after the concert in details about their possible improvements and reflect on issues like self-control and discipline; it’s almost like coaching a team of footballers! But my team are little pianists!
After playing in several concerts students get experience in performance, which is incredibly useful thing in our lives. In the future in our life’s we’ll have to perform all the time: in front of the class or giving a talk, in front of the colleagues or in front of your boss.
Here are some music recordings of my students, which are intended to be for their reflections and future learning’s to improve their playing.
You can download or play files below using your browser:

December 2011


Well down everyone, it was a good effort to come up on this cold night and play in front of everyone! Just little tips for students: think how could you improve your stage presentation and performance in general! I noticed that a lot of you didn't use the piano pedal! Why?:) You do get nervous in front of people, it's normal and make sure it's a good kind of nervousness that you could manage. Remember it's a celebration of what you have achieved in learning piano instrument! Good luck for the next concert!


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