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Teaching Grade 5 and 6 Music Class.

One of my favourite music lessons for grade 5 and 6 is teaching how to play ‘Percussion Instruments’.

First of all, students have to know the basic rhythm notation and patterns. Structure of the lesson is:

  1. Explanation from the teacher what to do and how
  2. Students then work in small groups of 3 or 4 students for 20 minutes on their tasks.
  3. Students perform in front of the class and reflect together on their performance. Teach them to have a healthy criticism-always!

Percussion lessons can be based on polyrhythm, reading a score or making your own rhythm patterns in groups and play them.

When students work in groups (and grade 5 and 6 are perfect age for this kind of work) they also learn about communication skills. They have to have a leader in a group, a conductor and a writer (to write down rhythm patterns).

The skills they learn: listening skills, music elements about rhythm, communication skills.

I never can over emphasise about the importance of listening skills! Children get over exited and don’t listen to each other. I use the ‘group score ‘ assessment for students. At the end of the lesson when groups of students perform, they will get a score of 10 out of 10, but they will loose the score 10 if they didn’t manage with their task or if they didn’t listen to others. Works perfectly!

Use this blog discuss this article




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