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Software Projects

Complete cloud-based software solutions in AWS and GCP. Changing requirements and scalability needs are our expertise!

We have major domain knowledge on Finance, Real Estate, Bookkeeping and Gambling sectors. But we're always interested in getting into any sector and increasing our solutions portfolio!

We provide solutions with the best technologies for that particular project. Every project is catered for exactly what the client needs!

Payment Processing Solutions

In-house solutions including payment processor integrations with Stripe, Ingenico, Square, Braintree, etc.

High load balanced credit card transactions between various providers. Bank transfers, SWIFT, SEPA integrations.

Specialising in providing lower risk credit card transactions for various payment processors.

Cryptocurrency Solutions

Integrations with APIs of various exchanges (Kraken, Binance, etc.) for various crypto processing (trade, exchange, send, receiveā€¦)

Cryptocurrency Payment Processing

Anonymisation of transactions. Bitcoin is traceable. We specialise in various techniques to fully anonymise any transactions:
- z-cash shielded transaction (we run our full node)
- Mixer (Bitcoin and dash linked mixers)
- Monero
- And other proprietary solutions

Investment Portfolio Solutions

In-house portfolio building and optimisation solutions with different strategies (e.g. Markowitz Portfolio Theorem). Include cryptocurrency analysis and evaluation as well.

Providing downloaders for different markets. Ability to merge matrices from those (crypto + NASDAQ)

More services...

Software Architecture
UX Design
Dev Ops - Cloud
Quality Assurance and Stress Testing
Support, remote or on-site, 24 / 7 if needed
Web Site Design, Development and Hosting

Partnership Opportunities

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Are you a finance company considering having your own software solutions and products?

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Track record of successful and affordable IT solutions

High quality IT projects in Australia don’t have to be expensive, our company exists to prove this. We provide solutions with the best technologies for that particular project. Every project is catered to exactly what the client needs. Delivery and customer satisfaction are our biggest priorities.

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