A Crypto Exchange Escrow Service

What we offer

A wallet service

A wallet service that supports a variety of different coins. We target most of the actively used cryptocurrencies.

A decentralised exchange

A decentralised crypto exchange escrow service.

We have integrated with multiple exchanges, eliminating the need to open multiple accounts with different exchanges. We also plan to create an OO utility token, which will be used to get up to 50% off on fees.

Bitcoin debit card

One of our goals is to offer a Bitcoin debit card that can be used in millions of cash machines and shops.

Create digitised assets


We are involved in the development of tokening securities using blockchain technology. We are making it faster and easier to buy and sell securities. As a part of this we have also looked into tokenising real estate, investment funds and pieces of fine art. Owning a tokenised security is very much a traditional stock, but by tokenising it and allowing for liquidity, they should be able to attract more investors.

Future in OzOriginal

OzOriginal aims to essentially bridge the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency. The idea is to use Ripple technology to limit the number of counterparts involved in banking. This will make it easier and cheaper to make payments and other types of money transfers. We want to become the one-stop shop for all financial services.


A debt issuance platform

One of our major plans is to create an equity and debt issuance platform based in Ethereum. 

OzOriginal does the following to achieve this:

– Use Ethereum to set up secure wallets 

– Create an audit log of transactions 

– Create unique tokens for each digitised asset