about us

Our IT Consultancy

Track record of successful and affordable IT solutions

High quality IT projects in Australia don’t have to be expensive, our company exists to prove this. We provide solutions with the best technologies for that particular project. Every project is catered to exactly what the client needs. Delivery and customer satisfaction are our biggest priorities.

Some of our clients include Ubertas, Blue Bay IT Services, Aspasium Loren

Why we are different?

Complete Software Solutions

We do end-to-end software solutions. This includes the following done by our team of experts:

- Project Research and Market Analysis
- Requirement Gathering
- Software Architecture
- UX Design
- Implementation
- Dev-Ops / Cloud Maintenance
- Quality Assurance and Stress Testing
- Documentation
- Support, remote or on-site, 24 / 7 if needed

Tech Stack

- AWS, GCP, Azure
- Python
- Java
- Spring
- Kotlin
And many many others. Currently focus more on building scalable architecture using AWS Lambdas, DynamoDB, Python.

Solution Areas

- Website Building, Hosting and SEO
- Mobile App Development
- Progressive Web App Development
- Cloud Solutions - focus on Serverless
- Business/Process Analysis, Business Uplifting
- Software Integrations
- Machine Learning
- Embedded Device Development
- Database Transformation

On-demand Scalability

We have access to experts on a variety of areas, all for reasonable prices. This allows us to build massive projects for a fraction of their expected costs on the market.

We provide solutions with the best technologies for that particular project. Every project is catered for exactly what the client needs!

Delivery First Attitude

We do delivery in iterations. The first version of delivery is done as soon as possible. You see the way we are going and we make changes as per your demands. Changing requirements and needs are our expertise!

Our vision includes open communication and collaboration. Client satisfaction is our biggest priority. We want to build long term relationships and grow together with the client.

Past/Current Clients

- Ubertas
- Blue Bay IT Services
- Aspasium Loren