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Project - Property Management Software

Trust Accounting and Property Management Software

We’ve built a massive Trust Accounting and Property Management software for the fraction of the cost of similar projects. Built on AWS Cloud with pure serverless architecture, designed specifically for DynamoDB and thus providing near infinite scalability. 

Why we succeeded:

– Excellent software architecture done for the exact needs of the client. With the correct architecture, we already massively reduced the amount of software development needed even before the implementation started.

– Technology for the business, not the other way around. We picked the best technologies for this particular project.

 – Excellent team who understands business comes first. Delivering milestones earlier than the already tight deadlines definitely takes notice by the clients.

– Similar Trust Accounting products in the market have hundreds of people working for their projects. We’ve done it better than those with our small but effective team. 

Product advantages:

– Best integration of Trust Accounting and Short Term Property Management in the market. No other product in the market provides flexibility to use properties both for long term rental market and short stay market in an efficient way.

– Over 20 customizable reports which the user can define for his company.

– Mobile app built for easy property inspections, with an ability to then auto generate report to send to landlord.